Versatile Finance

Building Open and Comprehensive Financial Services

Helping businesses Incubate Ideas into Reality

Versatile Finance is a Blockchain startup focusing on B2B and B2C products and services. Our mission is to be the first and largest crowdfunding platform for blockchain based businesses with future expansion to traditional markets.


$VERSA token is a deflationary cryptocurrency that powers Versatile Finance’s products and services with a goal of creating stable income for its investors via multiple revenue generating utilities and income streams powered by our tokenomics.

Versatile Finance Whitepaper Translations


Airdrop Wallet (5%) = 50,000,000 (50 million)
Reward long term holder who are committed to success of $VERSA. Holders will be expected to hold tokens for a certain duration to qualify for airdrop.
Team (6%) = 60,000,000 (60 million)
Vested for 6 months period and after the vesting period ends, 20% will be released each month
Pancake Swap LP (10%) = 100,000,000 (100 million)
Reserved for Pancake Swap Listing Liquidity Pool Injection
Pre-Sale (17%) = 170,000,000 (170 million)
6 days vesting schedule. 50% at launch and 25% every 3 days
Seed (7,5%) = 75,000,000 (75 million)
2 months vesting schedule. 40% at launch and 30% released every month
Ecosystem (10%) = 100,000,000 (100 million)
Tokens will not be sold directly from this wallet and Ecosystem Wallet will only be used for future exchanges listing and cross chain pairings. BUSD rewards received from this wallet will be used to fund future exchanges listing, incentives for content creator of theDeFiZone and Moderators salary. Any purposes other than mentioned will be communicated and polled with the community.
Staking (5%) = 50,000,000 (50 million)
Preserved for Staking Rewards
Strategic Wallet (5%) = 50,000,000 (50 million)
Multipurpose wallet that will be used to stabilize the chart during adverse market conditions or to buy crypto assets in the Versa Blockchain Fund
Burn (34.5%) = 345,000,000 (345 million)
Secured for Burn before Launch.


3% for BUSD rewards

$VERSA will be allocating 3% of each transaction taxes to reward investors with BUSD. Accumulated rewards will be sent to $VERSA investors proportionally dependent on the amount of token held.

1% for Liquidity Pool

$VERSA will be dedicating 1% of each transaction taxes back to the Liquidity Pool to constantly improve the crowdsourced reserve ratio and facilitate long term trading.

3% for Marketing and Development

As part of any company's strategy, marketing campaigns for visibility and development of products and services are the constant that need to be focussed on in order to drive value overtime. $VERSA will be reserving 3% of each transaction taxes for Marketing and Development to ensure continuous marketing campaign and development of the project.

1% for Strategic Project Tax

$VERSA will be securing 1% of each transaction taxes for Strategic Project Initiatives. This tax allows $VERSA to accumulate funds that will be used strategically depending on market condition and/or project needs to Buy Back Burn (BBB), Buy Back for Stake, Investment Fund, and other needs that might arise in the future.


Our dedicated financial products and services provide support to growing business ventures as well as our investor community. We will provide detailed functions on these products and services at or near product launch to safeguard the project’s interest.

The Versa Edge Platform is our Business-to-Business (B2B) suite of products and solutions to bring your blockchain project ideas to reality. Through our products and services, businesses can accelerate the development process by connecting with potential investors, in-house research/strategy teams and our preferred partners. The Versa Edge Platform provides end-to-end solutions with predefined packages and ala carte pricing models.

As part of the Business Incubator platform, we will be building 3 utilities and 5 services, all of which will be generating revenue.

A first of its kind lottery powered by the blockchain. The Versa lottery will be accessible to any blockchain user irrespective of whether they hold $VERSA tokens or not. This is a unique lottery system combined with statistical outcomes that will put lottery holders interests in the front seat.

$VERSA holders will benefit as part of the prize pool is returned to the company to invest back into Versa tokens creating additional volume. This volume will result in positive price action and create additional passive income for $VERSA holders.

The Versa Reward will allow all holders to select the rewards of their choice. Initially setup with the most popular tokens, the Versa Rewards Hub will have the flexibility to expand and offer a selected list of BSC Tokens as a reward to choose from. Your rewards, Your choice.

At Versatile Finance, we approach staking VERSA’s way. The Versa staking platform will only offer variable APY in $VERSA. This approach allows the team to keep APY at reasonable levels as holders will balance their choice between, not staking to earn BUSD rewards or staking to earn additional $VERSA tokens. Non-stakers will get more BUSD as staking reduces the circulating supply eligible in the rewards calculation.

We will create staking pools with shorter lock periods to allow investors to plan and continue to maximize their returns depending on volume. There will be a small unstaking fee which will be sent to the burn wallet or contributed back to the staking pool. Whenever investors are confused as to which option to choose, 50% Staked for APY and 50% non-staked for BUSD is a choice as well.

Versa Blockchain Fund is a collection of cryptocurrency assets packaged together as an investment vehicle to benefit $VERSA token holders. The Versa Blockchain Fund will invest in well-known, well-established medium to large market capitalized crypto projects.

Once the portfolio grows to a decent size, we will be seeking regulatory approval to convert the Versa Blockchain Fund into a Crypto Mutual Fund. At this stage all $VERSA holders will get units of the mutual fund as per their token holding pattern. This will help us open mutual funds to external investors without $VERSA token holding as well. Part of the investment management fee collected will be returned to the Versa ecosystem for buying back $VERSA tokens or to support the Versa ecosystem.

This is subject to regulatory approval and it is our long-term vision. Please check the whitepaper for Risk factors.


Smart Contract Security Audit

Versatile Finance’s clients that are incorporating our Audit services will be benefitted from our thorough auditing processes. The process will start from testing the smart contract in Testnet and our local environment to ensure everything is working as intended, providing minor and major feedback and recommendation for changes (if any) and finally, after smart contract deployment to Mainnet, Versatile Finance Auditing team will complete the manual and automated audit test once again under the audit criteria.

More Services Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned for Versatile Finance Future Updates!

Road Map

  • Contract and Audit
  • Business Incubator Platform - Initial Release
  • Seed and Pre-sale
  • PCS Launch
  • Business and Partnership pitch deck
  • Core Partnership onboarding
  • Versa Rewards and Autoswap
  • Versa Blockchain Fund
  • Versa Lottery
  • Versa Stake
  • Business Incubator Platform - New utilities and Services
  • Expand Team and Partnership
  • Market Research on DeFi trends
  • New utilities ideation and selection
  • Business Incubator Platform - New utilities and Services
  • Expand Partnership
  • Scale Versa Blockchain Fund
  • Future utility planning kick off
  • Register Versatile Finance (Country TBD)
  • Regulatory approval for Versa Blockchain Fund
  • Continue Building new products and service


Our Team

Our Team


CEO and Co-Founder

Decentralized Block

Co - Founder

David J

VP - Communication


VP - Marketing


VP - Content

William Wallance

VP - Growth